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What is the Google Website

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What is Google Website

What is the Google Website : The collection of web pages is called a website. That is, a website is a way of storing many web pages. Any single website has many web pages. Different information is stored in all these web pages.

What is the Google Website :

Google Sites is a website building platform from Google. If you’re familiar with other website platforms like WordPress or Wix, you can think of Google Sites as something that’s somewhat similar, but perhaps more specialized for businesses and web-based teams.

If you already use other Google products and find them particularly useful for a business or organization that you work with, Google Sites might just be another one to add to your digital toolbox. Here’s what you need to know about it.

Google Sites Features:

  • Customize your site to fit your audience
  • Choose different page types: webpage, announcement, file cabinet, lists
  • Organize all your information
  • Keep your offline files and web content located in one place
  • Include images, videos, tutorials, google docs, and more,…
  • Collaborate with others to create and maintain your site
  • Share your site with a few or as many people as you would like

What is a Website?

A website is a book printed on the Internet, through which information can be given about something or some goods or services can be sold. World Wide Web (www) forms a part of the Internet consisting of websites, under which all websites come. There are many parts of a website that make up that website. Today we are going to inform you about the website itself

Whenever we have a question or we need any information, we start searching for it on the Internet, and we get our answer. Some similar questions have been brought to you on our page. That is the question, what is a website? (What is the Google Website) And what is the meaning of the website?

Everyone has a mobile, laptop, and tablet, Etc, you must also have one of these. Otherwise, where could you read my article from now. We do a lot of things with them, like playing games, listening to songs, watching movies, you do not need any Internet to do these tasks.

But for some other tasks like sending an email, online shopping, information search, and online business, online movie ticket, train ticket, hotel book, the internet are very important for all these tasks.

We can do all the work from the Internet itself. I had to say that online is as much as work. We all depend on some websites for them. You search on the Internet for any kind of information and you get information on some website.

What is a Web Page:

To get any information from the internet, open any browser and type in the search bar, then in return we get the results to show. All the results show before us is a webpage. As if you are getting some information from this article right now and this is also a webpage.

What is a website:

What is a website, I think you all must have found out what a webpage is. The collection of many such webpages is called a website. Whatever webpage is in a website 10, 20, 200, 500, all of them are called websites. There is a webpage inside a website. A website must have at least 2 webpages, if a website does not have 2 webpages, it will not be considered a website.

What is Google Website

Type Of Website:

There are two types of websites on the Internet. Static and dynamic

Static: – Static design is always the same. If you go to such a site then a webpage or blog will be visible. By which we can go to each other. Such as – https://winpuzzle.com

Dynamic: – Dynamic site is constructed according to different criteria. Like – Facebook, Flipkart

Static Website:

These websites are used to provide information. No other files can be added to these websites. I understood in easy words, then this website is permanent.

And if you want to add or edit any other file in Websites, then a special Computer Code is used for it, which is called HTML. This change can only be made by the Web Designer who created the site.

A static website is mostly used to give information about a company or a brand. Developing this website is not difficult.

Dynamic Website:

On a dynamic website, there is no problem in changing the data like a static website. In these websites, the data can be changed regularly and easily without a blink of an eye.

Creating this type of website is a bit difficult. Creating a dynamic website requires a special type of Web Knowledge. Dynamic websites are dynamic, as you can make changes as needed, if needed, and can show your data according to your personal searches.

Many important things related to the website:

1.Dynamic webpage
2.Home page
3.Web address / URL


What is Static Webpage:

In the static webpage, all the users get to see the same interface. In a static webpage, we cannot create anything. Just like you are on this webpage right now, and it is called a static webpage.

You can comment and share on this webpage and you cannot do anything other than this. In the static webpage, all users will see the same interface. Most people get to see a static webpage.

What is Dynamic Webpage:

A dynamic webpage is a webpage where not all users get to see the same interface.

You can modify anything here. For example Facebook and Twitter. In Facebook, not all users get the same interface, and on Twitter, not all users get the same interface.


What is Home Page:

There is a home page inside all the websites. You can get to see the collection of many webpages on the home page. How much webpage is within any webpage, we can know it with the help of the home page of the website.

The home page of all websites has a different interface and according to the developers of the same website. According to how the design of that website is designed, the interface of the home page is also there.

What is Web Address / URL:

There is a URL / Web address behind any webpage and with the help of that web address, we can visit that webpage. You must have reached this webpage to know about ‘What is the Google Website”

You have reached this webpage by searching on the search engine, if you wish, you can also visit this webpage directly through a web address.

What is a Web Server:

In today’s world, everything is done online. Every day millions of documents, photos, videos, articles are uploaded on the Internet and they all are stored on some web server.

If the internet does not have any information stored on the webserver, we do not get any information from the internet.

The web server only works with a high process. If we try to get some information through any of our devices, then the IP address of our device calls the webserver, and accordingly the web server sends the results to the IP address of our device, which we can see inside.

This question must be coming to your mind here, what is the meaning of this IP address?

What does an IP address mean?

Full form of IP address: – Internet Protocol Address

Every device has a unique IP address inside it, no matter the device. An IP address has been invented to identify any device on the Internet.

Let’s say we searched ‘What is the Google Website’ on our device. So the webserver is able to know with the help of the IP address of its device that What is the Google Website on that particular device needs information on it. And accordingly, the webserver sends the results to the IP address of its device. Through which we take information from our device.

What is Google Website

How does a Website Work?

When you search a website in a web browser or type in the URL of that website to open a web site like open www.google.com, post a story on Instagram, your email Checking the mail, etc. It all seems very easy for us to see because as soon as you search for any information on the internet and that information is displayed to you immediately, but how exactly is it all? So today in this post, we will know that when you search a website, how does the web work?

As soon as the user enters the address (URL) of the website in their browser, the following process occurs –

1. The browser sends a request to the DNS (Domain Name System) server.

2. The DNS translates the domain name to an IP address.

3. After this, Google uses your browser’s IP address to send the request to the server.

4. Then your browser loads the received files.


STEP:1 Request sent to the DNS

First of all, we know what is the URL? The full form of the URL is Uniform Resource Locator, which represents a website or webpage or takes you to a web page. URL is the address of any file or website on the Internet. The URL was started by Tim Berners Lee in 1994.

HTTP: // (Hypertext transfer protocol): This is the first part of the URL that describes which protocol the browser will use. In simple words, protocols are a set of rules that allow the browser and the server to communicate with each other.

google.com is called the domain name which actually indicates which servers we are trying to contact.

Now the above URL is first sent to your ISP, which is your Internet Service Provider. Internet service providers are those who provide you internet facilities. The ISP then sends the request to the DNS server.

Now we will know why there is a need to send a request for DNS?

When you inter Google.com, this request goes to one of the many specialized computers on the Internet known as the Domain Name Server (DNS). All these requests are routed through various routers and switches. Domain name servers store machine names and their IP addresses, so when you type anything into Google.com it converts that URL into a number called an IP address, it is used for those computers. Identifies those who serve the Google website for you.


STEP:2 DNS translates the URL to an IP address

DNS (Domain Name System), also known as the Internet phonebook. Users get information online through domain.com like google.com. Web browsers communicate through an Internet Protocol (IP) address. DNS translates Domain Names to IP addresses So that browsers can load Internet resources.

Each device connected to the Internet has a unique IP address that other machines use to search the device. domain name system (DNS) associates URLs with their IP addresses. With DNS, it is possible to type words in the browser instead of numbers, allowing people to search websites.

STEP: 3 Your browser uses the IP address to send a request to Google Servers

As soon as our browser receives the IP address of the Google server, now we can easily contact our website. Now your browser sends a request to the Google server using an IP address.

STEP: 4 Your browser loads the received files

The server has its own special software, which tells them how to reply when a request is received from the client (browser). So finally the browser gets 3 different files HTML, CSS, JavaScript

The HTML file defines the structure of the website that tells the browser which part of the page is heading, footer, image, etc. No style is included in the file.

The CSS file makes the website stylist. Because of CSS, you are able to see many colorful websites on the web.

The last one comes with JavaScript that makes the website Dynamic and Interactive. JavaScript uses programming language developers who follow the instructions given by the user and output the work done by them. For example, when you logout of any website, most of the confirmation window asks if you really want to log out.

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