What is the browser on my computer?

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What is the browser on my computerWhat is the Browser on my computer?

What is a web browser?

What is the browser on my computer: A web browser is application software. It stays installed in a device. This web browser starts working when that device connects to the Internet.

Internet and web browser are connected with each other. Without the internet, we can not use a web browser nor the internet can be useful for us without a web browser.

In the world of the Internet, this web browser acts as a door for users, which takes us to that world. With the help of a web browser, we can see many web pages present on the internet and it translates their files and other contents like video, images, and text and shows it on the screen of our device.

All we have to do is put the URL of that webpage on the address bar of the browser from where we have to get the information, after which the browser shows that web page on our screen.

What is the browser on my computer?

A web browser is a computer program, which translates the human language by searching webpages on the Internet for users. The information contained in these webpages includes graphics, multimedia, web programs, and simple text.

The browser fetches data from webpages based on web standards. Google Chrome is a popular web browser. if you say it in easy language, then browsers work to translate websites on the Internet.

There are many types of information available on a website which is read by the browser itself and displays in a language understandable to the user. Because many languages ​​are used to create these websites, which a common user cannot understand.

Web resources available on the web are written in hypertext markup languages ​​(HTML). When the browser reads this code, then we are able to see, hear, and read the content on the web.

What is the browser on my computer?

History of Browser:

It is the 90s. While Mr. Tim Berners Lee was working on a system of sharing information on computers. He made this task easy with Hyperlinks. The hyperlink is a command of HTML language.

He created HTML Language to get information on one computer on another computer. HTML is written in Special Commands. These Special Commands are known as “HTML Tags”.

The problem was that not everyone could understand these tags. Then he created a program that understood HTML tags.

This program used to read HTML tags and display only the information in front of the users. This made sharing and reading information very easy.

Tim Berners Lee named his program “Browser”. Which today we also know as Web Browser. In this way, the world’s first browser was completed in 1991. The first web browser was named “WWW”. WWW stands for World Wide Web.

What is the browser on my computer

How does Browser Work?

To connect to the content on the Internet, Location (a simple computer) or Address (the name of this computer) is required. You know this location or address by the name of the URL. The URL has a Full Form Uniform Resource Location.

Any URL has two parts. The first part is Protocols (standard for information exchange between computers) and the second part is Domain Name.

We can access these URLs through the browser. The content on these URLs is in the form of an HTML Document or Webpage.

These documents are written by special HTML Commands. Browsers read and interpret these Special Commands (HTML tags) and then display the information in front of us.

Thus, we can say that the first browser goes to the web address. Then reads and understands the content at that web address. After this, it reaches users.

A Functionality of all browsers is the same. Because the data rendering engines present in the browsers fetch web resources only on the basis of certain web standards. Therefore, one modality remains on the web.

How does Web Browser work?

The World Wide Web is a system of internet servers that supports formatted documents. Using the web browser, we can easily access the World Wide Web. With the help of a web browser, we are able to see many web pages that are made from web protocol.

Protocol means rules like there are many rules regarding English which we have to follow while speaking and writing English, otherwise people will not understand what we want to say to them. In the same way, a web browser also needs a language to understand us, there are some rules of that language that we call HyperText Transfer Protocol. Check Website Earning

http tells web servers how to format and transmit the contents of the web page and what both web servers and web browsers have to do to respond to the commands given by the users.

With the help of http, web clients and web servers are allowed to connect with each other. When the user puts a web address on the address bar of the browser, then the browser sends his request to the web server as an http command, after that the browser connects with that web server. And from there, find the requested web page and show all the information in the user’s browser.

There are all the web servers on the Internet which keep the web sites and web pages, all those servers support the http protocol, only then the browsers are able to connect them and give all the information to the users easily.

Top Web Browser:

1. Google Chrome:

Google Chrome browser is also known simply as Chrome. Chrome is the first choice of Internet users. This popular web browser has been created by Google.

In 2008, Google launched the Chrome browser. It is a Fast and Simple Browser. The Chrome browser is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and Android, Windows Phone, and iPhone in the mobile platform. Chrome Browser supports more than 50 languages.

2. Mozilla Firefox:

Mozilla Firefox Browser is quite a popular browser among desktop users. We know the Mozilla Firefox Browser more than the name of Firefox.

This browser is made by Mozilla Foundation and its subsidiary Mozilla Corporation. Firefox is an Open Source Web Browser. And there is also User Friendly.

Firefox is developed for Windows, Linux, Android OS. A Mobile version of Firefox is also available. However, the popularity of Firefox on mobile is less.

3. Internet Explorer:

Microsoft’s web browser is the default Browser for users using Windows OS. It is also known simply as IE.

IE Browser is considered a Secure & Fast Browser. It was launched in 1995 for Windows Users. It is one of the earliest web browsers.

Microsoft Edge, the advanced version of Internet Explorer, has also been launched. That is, two Microsoft browsers are available for users.

4. Safari Browser:

Apple, the company that makes the Safari browser iPhone Is made by This browser is available for Mac OS and Windows OS. Its popularity is not much. However, it is a very popular browser among Mac users.

5. Opera Browser:

The opera browser is also a very old browser. This browser is made by Opera Software. The opera was launched in 1995. The Opera browser is available in more than 40 languages.

A browser has been developed for Windows, Linux, Mac OS. Opera is also available for mobile users. However, its Mini Version i.e. Opera Mini Browser is more popular among mobile users.

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