What is a Marketing Funnel?

What is a Marketing Funnel? Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action.

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What is a Marketing Funnel?

What is a Marketing Funnel? A marketing funnel describes your customer’s journey with you. From the initial stages when someone learns about your business, to the purchasing stage, marketing funnels map routes to conversion and beyond.

By evaluating your funnels, you can potentially drive greater sales, more loyalty, and stronger brand awareness. If you understand the funnel well then you can make your business very successful and through digital marketing, you can become a successful person.

Introduction: Old school marketers are likely familiar with Mr. Elmo’s four-step purchase model, including its legendary acronym: AIDA, Which stands for Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action.

What is a funnel marketing?

1.What is awareness?

Whatever your product is, whatever service you have, you have to create an awareness of it. By creating awareness, you get to know about the market potential. If from the point of view of the market potential, See who can buy our product, that is, Which means our product can reach which people.

2.What is Interest?

The awareness we created had a very large audience, but there will be very few people who show interest, that is, this audience has been created which can or cannot take the product, it has been filtered from the audience and the audience has come. Like 100000 people came to know about our product but out of that 50000 has audience interest, that is called interest.

3.What is desire?

Once the interest is aroused, at this point you want to persuade the customer as to why they should purchase your product or service. Now you have found the audience who are very much interested in your product.

4.What is Action?

Now we have to understand Awareness, Interest, Desire and take action on our customers so that the customer can buy our product.

The funnel works in these four steps Now you must have understood better what the funnel is and how it works.

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Modern Digital Marketing Funnel


What is Attract, Attract this same Awareness way in which you are aware of the people, Attract about your product and we can also call it that you can make people aware of something for free, you can sell direct here. or not


If we want to understand this, then after making the public aware, you have to engage them, for that you can engage with their phone number or email.


If seen in this, people have registered with phone and email, keep their data with us. You target your customer only with the email id, so you must keep your customer information correct.


In the same as what is stated in the point given above, here you have to edit the trust of the customer. If you are successful in winning the trust of your customer, then you can sell your product very easily, so the trust of the customer is very important.


After this last Nurture, when we convert them, there will be more Loyalty levels here. We are our loyal customers. So you have to understand how the funnel of digital marketing works in your product, what people do, often people start selling things in awareness. But it is not for the long term.


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