How To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

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How To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

How To Speed Up Your WordPress Website: A good speed helps a lot in attracting more visitors, more traffic towards a website.

How To Speed Up Your WordPress Website:

Most of the sites today primarily rely on one of the most popular CMS platforms i.e., WordPress. But what to do if it gets slow down?

It is one of the most obvious and mostly faced situations that arise only if the website is not optimized correctly.

Fast Loading Pages:

Fast loading pages not only enhances the user experience but also raises the rate of page views and visitors towards the site. I’m going to share the six best tips for you that will help you a lot in improving speed optimization.

Second Analytics:

Analyze your website traffic. You want to identify where your main visitors are coming from. This is important because I recommend getting a server near your largest traffic source. This will decrease the LATENCY of your website. This is when a browser makes a request and the server responds and delivers the site pages and assets. The further the server, the longer it takes to deliver all the assets.

Third Test:

Analyze what’s slowing your website down. I recommend using free tools like:

  • Pingdom Tools
  • Website Speed and Performance Optimization
  • Those two sites will give you a waterfall detailing the time it takes to load your page and everything that’s being requested. The more Http requests, the slower your page, and the site will be.

They also provide recommendations on how to optimize your site.

Fourth Cache Issue:

The cache may cause an issue when you are trying to update your blog and the changes are not reflecting on the website. For example, you are trying to change the featured image of your blog and the image is not updating on your website, then this issue might be caused by the WordPress cache which you can clear it by the number of WordPress plugin which available free.

  • WP Rocket
  • WP Super Cache
  • WP Fastest Cache
  • Simple Cache
  • W3 Total Cache

Fifth VPS:

Use a VPS Virtual Private Server which will give you greater control over your server environment. You can make sure you’re running the latest version of PHP which is blazing fast and significantly improved over previous versions.

You can also enable features like GZip compression on the server-side which is highly recommended.

A VPS also provides you with dedicated resources for your site which means you won’t be impacted by other sites on the server that might be hogging up the resources.

A VPS also enhances your overall security when configured properly.

Sixth CDN: 

Content delivery network: CDN (Content delivery network) is another beautiful option for optimizing your website’s speed in a better way. It is a more significant source that helps you in easily accessing files of different formats with great ease. If you have CDN for your website; visitors can easily download your static files from different servers.

Seventh Reduced Image Size: 

Reduced image size: Images are one of the other significant contributors behind affecting the loading time of a website. Large-sized images not only take more space on your page but it also affects the speed of your site as well; therefore we advise here to reduce the image size so that your webpage can easily upload on any search engine.

  1. Photoshop or
  2. Gimp or
  3. Canva
  4. JPEGmini – Your photos on a diet!
  5. TinyPNG – Compress PNG images while preserving transparency
  6. Use one of the photo editing tools to create the exact image dimensions and then use one of the free
  7. sites mentioned above to compress the image without losing quality.

Eighth .htaccess

You should also insert this snippet of code into your .htaccess file in the root of your WordPress Installation.

How To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

This will cache your results which will speed up your results.

Ninth Minify Code

Minifying your HTML is another way to greatly improve your page load time. Insert the code below into your functions.php file in your theme.

How To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

This will help to minify your HTML code.

Tenth Database Optimization

Every so often, login to your server control panel and go to PHP, My Admin. From there you can select all your database tables and optimize them. This is similar to defragmenting your computer. Basically, the database can get bloated with temporary data that should be cleared.

How To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Selection of best hosting provider:

The selection of the best hosting providers is one of the most important things that we can do for better speed optimization. It not only offers unlimited bandwidth, space for your data, emails, domains, and a lot more but also enhances your site’s uploading time as well. Various advanced web hosting providers have been developed now; that ensures users have the best hosting services without paying any charges for that.

How To Speed Up Your WordPress Website:

You may consider getting Cloudways hosting as it is the fastest WordPress hosting optimized for speed. They are doing a lot for speed at the server level and hence your site can load in under a second. Moreover, if you decided to go with Cloudways, then it is the right time to buy the premium hosting at an affordable price. Yes, Cloudways Black Friday Cyber Monday Discount is near and you may grab this price-cut deals to save your hard-earned money.

Robust and lightweight framework:

Every WordPress website primarily depends upon a structure that also works for its better speed optimization. You should need to be a little bit careful while purchasing a framework for your website as a heavier one can ruin all of your efforts in just a few minutes.

Useful caching plugin:

Having a powerful caching plugin is very much important for a website as it improves its loading time and hence ultimately adds more to attract more visitors to it. One thing you need to keep in mind while choosing a useful caching plugin for your website is that it should include a straightforward and user-friendly interface so that everyone can easily handle and manage it.

Never upload videos directly to WordPress:

WordPress is an excellent source for website development that enables you to upload your desired videos, but the only drawback here is that it might affect your bandwidth. The uploaded videos on WordPress also increases the backup size of your files so it is always better to choose an alternate source for hosting services such as YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion so that you can easily promote your videos without affecting your cloud storage.

Page Speed Test Tools:

You can use Google page speed insights, Pingdom tools, GT Metrix, Web speed test tool and there are many methods to speed up your WordPress website or blog some of them are install cache plugin, minify js and CSS, optimize images correctly and the rest of the article is the best ways to speed up the WordPress website.

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