How to create free backlinks

How to create free backlinks?

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How to create free backlinks?

How to create free backlinks: to increase Organic Traffic on the website, it is very important to do Search Engine Optimization and Backlinks is a major part of Search Engine Optimization

So if you work on a website or blog, it is very important for you to know all the information about backlinks to rank the website’s web pages.

How to Create Backlinks?

How to create free backlinks: Well, it is very easy to create backlinks but you are not possible to make thousands of backlinks in a day, and in the beginning, you have to work hard. There are many ways to create backlinks and some people try to make backlinks in the wrong way too, but creating backlinks in the wrong way greatly spoils the ranking of the website, so you only have to create backlinks in the right way and make high-quality backlinks.

Ways to Create High-Quality Backlink

Guest Blogging is the best way to create Quality Backlinks. Through Guest Blogging, you can easily create a Do-Follow Backlinks by guest posting on High Authority Blogs.

The first is to find a high authority blog or website related to your website that accepts guest posts. For this, you can search the blog easily by writing a guest post by writing the topic of your website in Google.

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1. Guest Post

STEP: 1 After finding good blogs for guest posts, you need to prepare the post according to the rules of the guest post and send the mail to the owner of the blog.

STEP: 2 After that, the blog owner will check your post and if he likes the post, then he mentions the link of your blog or website.

STEP: 3 After that, the owner of the blog will check your post and if he likes the post, then he will give you backlinks. In this way, you can create a guest post by backlinks on all high-quality blogs and websites related to your website.

2. Join Question-Answer Sites

STEP: 1 You can also create backlinks by adding question-answer sites such as Quora etc. For this, you have to search Questions Answer Sites and register on them.

STEP: 2 After registering you can ask your questions which will solve your problem.

STEP: 3 By finding questions related to your website, you can answer them in detail and give a link to your blog post and page, which will give a backlink to your blog and also get good traffic.

3. Social Media Marketing

We all know about social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, tumble, Google+, Pinterest, Telegram, Reddit, Youtube, Quora, etc.

STEP: 1 You have to create an account on all social media sites and make a page named after your website.

STEP: 2 While creating the page, you have to insert the URL of your website in place of the website in the profile of the page, from which you will get a Do-Follow Backlink from each social media site.

STEP: 3 After that, you share every webpages and post on the website or blog on all social media sites.

STEP: 4 The more pages you share, the more backlinks you will create, and the traffic on your website will also increase.

While sharing the website links on Social Media, remember that you do not break the rules of Social Media Sites. This may cause your domain to be blocked by social media sites.

4. Join forums

STEP: 1 To create backlinks, join the forum related to your website.

STEP: 2 You can create Do-Follow Backlinks by adding the website’s URL to the Forum’s profile.

STEP: 3 After that, give the links by asking your questions in the forums and give links to answer the questions of the people in detail, which will create backlinks.

 If you give 10 to 20 Minutes Forums daily, then your website traffic will increase by 10%.

5. Directories Submission

Directory submissions do not have much effect. still again you can give some time to submit your blog link to Directories which will give you backlinks.

Submit the blog link only. Only then your website will get a good ranking. Keep in mind that the URL of your website is summit only after checking the domain DA PA!

Friends, now you have learned how to make Backlinks very well, now you can increase your website ranking by making quality Backlinks of your website!

How to Check Website Backlinks?

There are many free and paid tools to view website or blog backlinks, but today we will know the information about backlinks only through Ahrefs free backlink checker.

Follow these steps to check the backlinks of websites or blogs with Ahrefs free backlink checker!

STEP: 1 First of all go to the Ahrefs website. Click Here

STEP: 2 Now you have to paste the URL of your website in the site of Ahrefs and click on Check Backlinks Button, you will get information about all the backlinks of your website!

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