How to block ads from apps & Browser

How to block ads from apps & Browser

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How to block ads from Apps & Browser

How to block ads from apps & Browser: We all know that sometimes pop-up ads on web pages make us very upset. But often due to these ads, free content is also available, so we bear them. If it is that we are doing some important work on our phone or are filling some details on the bank app and in such a situation, these ads pop-up, then there is a lot of problems.

The most annoying users add pop-ups and apart from apps, mobile spends separate data to display the ads in web browsers.

How to block ads from apps & Browser

Users who use Android smartphones know that they have to see a lot of ads on their devices even if they do not want to. The most annoying users add pop-ups and apart from apps, mobile spends separate data to display the ads in web browsers.

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Google ads appearing in the device are linked to your choice, but many apps use their system and have to look at the ad users without any meaning. Apart from this, sometimes a case like Ad pops up on the entire screen.

Users can reduce the ads appearing in web browsers and apps and also block pop-up ads. However, this method is not completely full-proof as some free apps are ad-supported and users are compelled to see the ads there. App developers also earn from these ads. Here are some ways you can block pop-up ads and reduce other ads,

How to block ads from apps & Browser

Web Browser

To block ads on the Android browser or Chrome browser in your smartphone, you need to follow these steps,
On system / android browser

  • Open the browser and go to Settings.
  • From this menu, go to Site Settings.
  • Scrolling here will see a pop-up written below.
  • After tapping on it, select Blocked.

 Chrome Browser

In the Chrome browser, the ads can be blocked by turning on data saver mode, and data is also saved.

  • Open the Chrome app and tap on the three dots shown in the top right corner.
  • Select Settings here and go to Data Saver / Light Mode in the menu.
  • Enable the data saver from the top right corner.

Install ad Block Browser

How to block ads from apps & Browser

Install ad Block Browser

There are many such browsers on the Play Store in Android that block ads for the users themselves.

  • Open Play Store.
  • Search by typing the Adblocker Browser in the search bar.
  • Install Ad-block browser, free AdBlock browser, or CM browser as per requirement from here.
  • You will not see any ads on this browser.

For ads appearing on the app

Most apps on the Play Store are free and ad-supported. In this way, developers benefit because of the ad itself, but there are some ways to remove the ad from the app. If you are having a lot of trouble with apps, then do this,
Buy Premium Version
Many versions show ads in the free version and you have to buy a premium version to remove them.

  • Go to the settings of the app.
  • Select Remove Ads or Go Premium here.
  • Now pay the app with the help of a card.
  • After this, the ads will not appear on the app.

Delete ads showing app

Often there is an adware app, due to which pop-ups suddenly appear on the device or ads start appearing while using another app. In such a situation it is necessary to remove it.

  • Go to device settings and then apps.
    See here in the list of installed apps, there is no such app that you have not installed or never used.
  • If there is such an app, uninstall it and restart the device.
    After this, you will not see the ad, but it is important that you remove the non-essential apps by looking at the apps list again.

How to block ads from apps & Browser

Protect device with adware

There should not be any apps (adware) on your device that show unnecessary advertisements for this, protection is necessary.

  • Open the Play Store on the device.
  • Open the menu from the top right corner here and tap on Play Protect.
  • Tap on the Settings icon shown in its top-right corner.
  • Turn on Scan devices for security threats here.

Install Anti-Malware app

Install Anti-Malware app

To protect the device from problem apps and unwanted ads, it is necessary that the handset is protected from malware.

  • First, open the Play Store
  • Here search anti-malware in the search bar.
  • Install the Malwarebytes Security app appearing in the list and scan the device.
  • Apart from the extra adware in the device, this app will also protect against viruses and malware.

Also, check current apps on the play store

This is an easy and fast way to find such apps, through which you can know which app is showing pop-up add on your Android device. Whenever an ad pops up on the phone screen, close the app, and see the last app used in the phone. The Play Store will show you the last used app so that you can know which app is causing these ads.

Open Google Play Store app

  • Go to the menu on the Play Store and select the My Apps and Games option here.
    Here, go to the install option and tap on ‘sort by icon’, and then select the last used update option here.
  • Here you will get a list of apps in which the last app you have used will be at the top and likewise the rest of the apps will be in order. In this way, you can know which app caused this add pop-up.

Notification Tray

If the ad pops up in the notification tray of your device, then you can very easily identify the hidden app behind it. For this, long-press on the notification and tap on the ‘i’ button which will get more information about the app.

In this way, the permission page of the application will open and here you can change the permission of the app or if the app is not in use then you can also uninstall it.

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