How Ssl Certificate Works?

How Ssl Certificate Works? Benefits of SSL Certificate

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How SSL Certificate Works

Introduction (How SSL Certificate works): SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is an encryption protocol used on the Internet. This protocol provides a secure connection between internet browsers and websites that allows Internet users to exchange their private data with other websites. Could do it safely In today’s time, almost all websites are using SSL.

Millions of online business people are using the SSL protocol so that they can protect their customers and the online transactions they are doing, and using it would be impossible for the hacker to steal the customer’s data from that contact. Whichever website uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), you should do online transactions. And websites which do not use SSL, you should not do online transactions on those websites.

How SSL Certificate Works

SSL certificate uses two types of keys. One is a public key and the other is a private key. These two keys together form a secure connection, which keeps the data securely shared. The public key is used to encrypt information and the private key is used to decrypt information.

For Example

Suppose a user wants to get information about a topic, then he searches that topic in Browser, then the Web Browser connects to the server of the website and the website server is using SSL Protocol. He requests that he provide the information that has been searched by the user.

After the user requests the web server, with the help of an SSL Certificate, sends the Public Key Webserver, that is, we bring that data in front of us and after checking that SSL Certificate, we decide that we have our own Whether to give private data or not if you want to give your private data, then it gives an encryption message to the website’s server.

The website’s server then decrypts that Encryption Message and then send an Acknowledgment to the Browser to initiate SSL Encryption with the user, after which our Private Data is Securely Share between that Browser and the Website Server.

Benefits of SSL Use

You all know how much the online market has grown today, today you get everything online, and when you do any offline shopping, bill payment, ticket booking, for which you have to give your information like- Your name, bank details, mobile number, email, etc. But what keeps these details safe?

The website owner is keeping your data safe, but in the middle of many times hackers steal your data, so in order to avoid this problem, nowadays a protocol is being used on all websites called SSL. is. It protects your information from third parties on the website.

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Types of SSL

We can see the type of SSL as bit encryption, which is available in the market in 128-bit encryption and 256-bit encryption, only the certificate with the simplest 128-bit encryption is used. But in terms of security, 256-bit encryption makes the website more secure. Let us now talk about the type of SSL.

1. Wildcard SSL Certificate

With the help of this SSL certificate, you can provide security to your domain and entire sub-domains. Here you get verification of domain and organization.

2. Multi-Domain (SAN) SSL Certificate

With a multi-domain SSL, you can keep up to 250 domains protected. This gives you domain validation, organization validation, and extended validation.

3. EV SSL Certificate

This SSL is designed for your business, which makes the address bar of the web browser appear as well as the name of your business. It is a highly recognized and encrypted SSL certificate.

4. Domain SSL is valid

Commonly used website. For example, this SSL can be used for personal blogs, etc. It can provide medium-range security.

5. Organization Validation SSL

This certificate is used to secure any business website. This indicates that the recipient has a secure and verified website.

6. Code Signing Certificate

A code signing certificate is used to avoid any devloper website or software developer’s code being stolen through the Internet.

7. Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate

If you want to protect multiple domains and all their sub-domains with one, you can use it. It has the ability to secure 250 domains and all their sub-domains.

Where to Buy SSL Certificate

If you are buying hosting, you are also provided with a free SSL facility from those hosting companies. But if hosting is for multiple domains, you will need to purchase an SSL certificate for the new website. Because most hosting providers provide free SSL for just one website. You have to pay separately to buy SSL. Some of the main hosting providers are Hostinger, Godaddy, Bigcore, Bluehost and Hostgator, etc.

If we buy an SSL certificate from the given companies, then we have to fill its given amount only then we will be able to take full advantage of it. But there are also many companies that provide

How to find SSL:

We learned about SSL, but let’s know how to find SSL on a website. When we open a website, it starts with http or https in front of the website, if https is installed at the beginning of the website then the website is secure and the website is not secure if https is not installed. Secure


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