How does web hosting work?

How does web hosting work? Types of Web Hosting services

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How does Web Hosting work?

How does web hosting work: There are many companies for web hosting that allow website owners to host websites on their servers and in return take some money from you every month.

After uploading all the HTML pages, images, videos, etc. of the website to the server, anyone can view it at any time through the web address (domain name) through the internet.

Whenever an internet user comes to your website by putting a web address in his web browser, his computer will be connected to the server where you have hosted the website. Now the server will display those HTML pages and contents on the visitor’s browser. Now you understand how does web hosting works?

How does Web Hosting Companies work?

Web hosting companies provide servers for websites for people or companies that don’t have their own servers or high-speed internet connection or the bandwidth to support a server.

They frequently have a large selection of applications, plugins, themes, etc that can be installed on the website. Most offer backups (usually an added cost). They may provide hosted databases like Mysql or PostgreSQL. Some provide tech support over the phone, some charge extra for anything but support on forums or via email.

Most web hosting is on shared servers, your website isn’t the only one being served from that server machine. Dedicated hosting, where your website is the only one on the server is generally considerably more expensive. Now you must understand how does web hosting works?

Types of Web Hosting (How does web hosting work)

There are many types of web hosting too, when we create a website, we buy hosting according to our needs. These are mainly 4 types, the price, and plan of each hosting is different, so if you want to buy hosting, then you must first understand your need, and only then you should buy hosting!

  1. Shared Web Hosting
  2. Dedicated Web Hosting
  3. VPS Web Hosting
  4. Cloud Web Hosting

How does web hosting work?

1.Shared Hosting

As the name suggests, in this type of hosting many websites are using the same server.

Since you have multiple websites using the same server space, RAM, and CPU at the same time, it will be much cheaper for you than another hosting.

Who should buy Shared Hosting

If your business is small or you are just starting, then this type of hosting is very good for you. If you are creating a blog then you should start with shared hosting. Hosting a website is very easy in Shared hosting. You can easily install many tools and plugins in it.

2.Dedicated Hosting:

You have sole authority over the entire server. It has many advantages, but it is very expensive compared to other hosting. Since only your website is being hosted on the entire server, it is completely under your control. You can make changes to your own operating system and other settings.

Who should buy Dedicated Hosting:

One advantage of dedicated hosting is that you can avoid the loss due to high traffic. This increases the speed and performance of your website.

3.VPS Hosting:

We can understand VPS hosting as a mixture of both shared and dedicated hosting. In this model, you have a dedicated server, but it is a virtual server and not a physical one.

Here one server is divided into several different virtual servers. A class server is assigned to a website and only the authority is on that part.

Who should buy VPS Hosting

Small websites that receive small amounts of traffic can also take advantage of VPS hosting. If you feel that the loading speed of your site is decreasing, then you will choose VPS hosting better than shared hosting.

4.Cloud Hosting:

The problem with dedicated servers and VPS is that you have fewer resources and there is a limit on storage and capacity. Although most websites do not reach this limit, sometimes some of the content of the website may go viral and this leads to sudden traffic which becomes difficult to handle.

You can find solutions to these problems in cloud hosting. Here, not a single server but many servers together host your website.

Who should buy a Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a very flexible hosting solution. You can increase disk space and memory according to your requirement. This is perfect for organizations, in addition to this, it is also very useful for the website owners who are troubled by traffic spikes from time to time.

Web Hosting information to consider before Purchasing

There are so many companies in the world that provide the best hosting. But still, if someone wants to successfully host, then some things should be taken care of. Such as Bandwidth, Disk Space, Uptime, customer services, etc.


The ability to access data per second on a website is called bandwidth. When visitors access the website, the server opens some information on their computer by using some data.
If there is more traffic on the website or you can say that visitors are accessing more, then in such situations the website’s server goes down.

Disk Space:

The storage capacity of your hosting is called disk space, just as the computer has 500GB, 1TB, etc. of space, in the same way, storage also remains in the hosting.


As long as the website is online or available, it is called uptime, when the website is not open due to any problems, then the time is called downtime.

Customer Support:

Customer service means that any web company that we take web hosting from, always means 24 × 7 is available. Take a good response from the customer, if any problem of any kind is solved, in the least time.

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