Is One-day cricket dying? The recent spate of arguments put forth by a host of who’s who in international cricket paints a grim picture for the future of the 50-over cricket.

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The sudden retirement of England allrounder Ben Stokes from ODIs has already fanned the debate of crowded calendar with it reaching a point that even the most fittest of cricketer’s are being forced to choose which series/formats to play so as to prolong their careers.

Even India batting star Virat Kohli, arguably the fittest cricketer currently, has been asking for frequent rests to keep his body from breaking down.

Stokes had already lamented how cricketers are being treated as an automobile.

“It isn’t just me or us, you see it all around the world now where teams are having to rest some players in a certain series so they feel like they are getting a break. We are not cars, you can’t just fill us up and we’ll go out there and be ready to be fuelled up again,” Stokes had said.

Few days later, bowling legend Wasim Akram altogether advised to scrap ODI format.

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Now, Australia Test opener Usman Khawaja has said that he thinks one-day cricket is dying a slow death.

“My own personal opinion – I know a few of the guys are very similar – you’ve got test cricket, which is the pinnacle, you’ve got T20 cricket, which obviously has leagues around the world, great entertainment, everyone loves it, and then there’s one-day cricket,” Khawaja was quoted as saying by AAP.

“I feel like that’s probably the third-ranked out of all of them. I think personally one-day cricket is dying a slow death … there’s still the World Cup, which I think is really fun and it’s enjoyable to watch, but other than that, even myself personally, I’m probably not into one-day cricket as much either,” he added.

Khawaja thinks that while it’s not impossible to play all three formats regularly although he warned it won’t be an easy life though.

“Not impossible, very tough,” Khawaja said. “So much travelling. If you’re playing all three forms of the game, you’re not at home at all really. And then the demands on your body, mentally, physically and a lot of the guys might be playing also the IPL.”

He continued, “There’s a lot of cricket going on. Yes, you get to pick and choose, I guess, in certain respects what you want to play but look it can be very tough at the moment.”

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